We are so proud and excited to announce our 25th business anniversary! October 1, 1993 marks the day GrayCare was born. Doing this work with over 500 clients and their countless family members, I feel that my family circle has grown far beyond what I ever could have imagined. This work has been rewarding, challenging, exciting and humbling.

While preparing this blog, I was reminiscing about the years that have passed. Even though we have seen so many advances in technology and health care, one thing has remained unchanged. Growing older is a vulnerable process. We may become dependent on others and eventually need to navigate the world in a new way. I am so fortunate that our GrayCare team has been able to help so many clients and families as they experience the often unexpected changes of aging affecting the person they love.

I want to thank many people for having an impact on our reaching this 25 year milestone. From the esteemed estate attorney who called with our very first client to the many people who call today seeking our help. Our clients, their families, elder law attorneys, health care providers, trust officers, and guardians have been an integral part of our success. We couldn’t have done this without you!

I am also thankful for the families, who have shared their loved ones with us. It takes an immense amount of trust, on your part, to hire an Aging Life Care Specialist to do this intimate work with you and your family member. So again, thank you, for the trust you place in us, each and every day!

The bonds created in this work cannot be replicated in any other industry. I am fortunate and honored to share in these experiences and our team looks forward to helping many more families on this important journey. The past 25 years have been amazing and filled with hard work, purpose, and joy! The GrayCare team looks forward to serving current and new clients into the future! Thank you!