Joyce M. Gray

Joyce founded GrayCare LLC in September 1993. Starting out in the field, after working with another care management company for six years, Joyce has been the force behind the growth and development of GrayCare LLC. She is a Master’s Level Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has served on the Board of the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers for the past five years, functioning in a variety of roles. Most recently, she co-Chaired the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Manager’s Annual Meeting in Philadelphia and was awarded the Presidential Award at the meeting for “dedicated leadership to the association.”

A Note from Joyce:

Having a professional life that almost daily touches the lives of other people is a huge gift to me. Sometimes it is a person who needs someone to listen to their fears about aging and loss. Other times it is a family with a long history of devotion to one another but now they find themselves at odds with one another over helping elderly parents. Sometimes it’s been a daughter struggling to help a mother while she manages the demands of her own life. I do this work because all of this matters to me and in some way, my work has touched these lives.

Heather Reilly, CMC

A Note from Heather:

Each one of us has a story that becomes no less important as we get older. For me, getting to know that story is a gift. Caring for an elderly loved one can be overwhelming and confusing. I like being part of the conversation with families in an era where society as a whole is becoming more aware of what it means to age well. Providing kindness and comfort to people as they age and their families is important work and I feel privileged to have a role in it.

Heather is a Master’s Level Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Certified Care Manager. As a social worker, she worked primarily with families and children. She has also done extensive volunteering with the elderly. She joined GrayCare in the fall of 2014 and is thrilled to have made the transition to geriatric care and become a member of the GrayCare team. As part of the team, Heather provides clients facing health and other life challenges with assessment, planning, communication, and support services. Integral to GrayCare’s services is tailoring them to clients and their families.

GrayCare by Waverly Heights Care Managers, who work with your loved ones, follow the Standards of Practice as outlined by the Aging Life Care Association™.

GrayCare by Waverly Heights provides professional geriatric care management services for elderly and aging persons, and their families, throughout Philadelphia, Montgomery, Delaware, and Chester Counties, in Pennsylvania. If you are outside of these areas, we are also able to provide recommendations to other professionals who serve your area. To reach us, please call 610-667-2838.

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