When you work with GrayCare by Waverly Heights you receive a full service experience. We look at the whole picture for your loved one so that we make the recommendations that will work for your situation. We start with an assessment which means that we start by listening to your concerns and reviewing information. We focus on getting to know the client, their needs, the concerns, along with the family dynamics.

A holistic assessment may include:

  • Activities of Daily Living – Things like housekeeping, paying the bills, transportation, self-care, driving, eating shopping.
  • Medical Needs – This review will look at the past and current medical situation to help with managing crises, chronic illness, or unresolved medical issues.
  • Home Safety – A thorough review of the home safety will find ways to keep your loved one home longer and to protect them from falls or other safety hazzards.
  • Financial Needs – Is your loved one able to manage their needs with the current finances?
  • Mental Health – A review of the mental health status and concerns regarding dementia or other mental health issues are discussed during this process.

The areas reviewed are based on your family’s needs.

After the assessment, we develop a professional care plan that outlines concerns and recommendations, including community resources or other care needs for your loved one. This is a thoughtful process that looks at your unique situation and provides you with a roadmap to successfully manage the next steps.

Many families continue with our services in an ongoing professional monitoring role. This is particularly effective for families who are caring for their loved ones from afar but also is helpful for those who live nearby. Whether far away or living near your loved one, having us do work for you means that you can focus on family time. Our Aging Life Care ManagersĀ®, also referred to as geriatric care managers, are skilled advocates who have extensive experience in geriatric care. We are your eyes and ears as we communicate with you about everything that is happening. Our care managers will accompany clients to doctor’s appointments, arrange for medical supplies, monitor and coordinate home health staff and keep families informed. We are your feet on the ground.

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GrayCare by Waverly Heights provides professional geriatric care management services for elderly and aging persons, and their families, throughout Philadelphia, Montgomery, Delaware, and Chester Counties, in Pennsylvania. If you are outside of these areas, we are also able to provide recommendations to other professionals who serve your area. To reach us, please call 610-667-2838.

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